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Free Online Word Counter Tool

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How to Use the Free Online Word Counter Tool

Using our free online word counter tool is simple and gives you key metrics to help strengthen your writing.

Just follow these steps:

    1. Copy/paste text or type directly into the text area box from any document, web page, or source that you want to analyze.
    2. Click the “Analyze Text” button to immediately process the content. This counts words, sentences, characters, and assesses reading levels.
    3. Review the various word count statistics our tool generates:
      • Word/Sentence Counts – Evaluate length, variation and complexity
      • Reading Level Scores – Assess how hard or easy your text is to read
      • Longest Sentence – Identify dense sections to simplify
    4. Use the numbers to edit your writing for improved readability based on target grade levels and difficulty scores for your audience.
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 to reassess after making content changes to confirm readability improvements.

Our word counter SEO tool removes guesswork so you can confidently craft readable, engaging writing through an easy 3-step process.


Interpreting the Results

The results contain a number of metrics used to measure text content.

      • Word Count – The number of words in the analyzed text content. Helps determine content length. Ideal count depends on context.
      • Sentence Count – The number of sentences ending in punctuation marks. More sentences usually indicate more complex ideas and vocabulary. Lengthy blocks of text may be difficult to read.
      • Longest Sentence (in words) – The length of the longest sentence. Very long sentences tend to be difficult to understand. Break up long sentences when possible.

      • Character Count – The number of alphabet characters. Can help gauge document length at a glance. Compare to industry averages.
      • Flesch-Kincaid Grade – Estimated U.S. grade level (1-12) required to comprehend the text. Higher scores indicate more advanced complexity and vocabulary.
      • Flesch-Kincaid Ease – Formula rating readability on a 1-100 point scale – higher is easier to read.
      • Smog Index – Estimates the years of education needed to understand the content based on syllables. Lower is more readable.
      • Coleman-Liau Index – Another grade level estimate based on characters instead of syllables. Use to cross-check complexity. Compare to other scores.


Use this data to optimize your pages:

      • Word Count – Some things need more words to explain while others can be summed up quickly. Compare the top results for your target keyword to determine their word count and target the range. There is no right answer for every situation. Your competitors in the top 10 search results will be the best indication for your specific content and keyword target.
      • Sentence Count – Not a deciding metric for rank, but with the competitor research, this can help illustrate patterns in top ranked websites for your target keyword.
      • Longest Sentence – Possibly skewed by lack of punctuation, this metric may help alert you to run on sentences. Not a direct ranking metric, but a quality metric. If you do not use punctuation, this number could be horribly skewed.
      • Character Count – A brief indication of length of content. Can be mathed with the word count to determine average characters per word. More for quality than ranking. [characters] / [words] = [average word length]
      • Flesch-Kincaid Grade – The general internet audience is considered between grade 6 and 8. Grade 12 seems to be advanced degree level writing. To reduce this score, break sentences down into smaller pieces. Use Active voice.
      • Flesch-Kincaid Ease – Most experts recommend 60-70. More technical writing will naturally rank with lower numbers. Write for your audience.
      • Smog Index – Aim for a score of about 8 for a general internet audience. More advanced topics will need to increase this value. Use words with fewer syllables and break up sentences to lower your score. Less complex language, speak directly.
      • Coleman-Liau Index – This uses characters to reach it’s score. Use shorter words for a lower, more readable score.
      • General Readability
        • Use shorter sentences and smaller words with fewer syllables to simplify your readability.
        • Use “you” and “I” to speak directly to your readers.
        • Give examples and analogies to aid understanding.
        • Format content with subheaders and bullet points.

These pro tips can help simplify your writing, and by doing the opposite, you can increase the readability index while covering more advanced topics.


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Embedding the Tool

You can easily embed this free online word counter tool on your own website for your visitors to use:

      1. Copy the widget code provided
      2. Paste the code on your web page
      3. The tool will now appear on your site (you can customize the CSS styling if desired)

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