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Free Keyword Research Tool

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How to Use the Free Keyword Research Tool

Enter the URL of the web page you want to analyze in the URL field. This can be your page or a competitor’s page.

Or, paste content directly into the content fields without using URLs.

You can compare two pieces of content, or just analyze one piece.

Click the “Uncover Keywords” button so the Free Keyword Research Tool can analyze the material and view keyword results.

Interpreting the Results

The results contain keyword data like frequency, density and prominence. Here’s what the metrics mean:

  • Frequency – How often the keyword phrase appears in the content. Higher is usually better, but too much is bad. Longer text needs more [Frequency] to raise the [Density].
  • Density – The % of words in the content that match the keyword. 1-3% is generally ideal. This is derived from  [Frequency] / [Word Count]
  • Prominence – The prior word count ranking of where the keyword first shows up in the content. Lower is better. There are [Prominence] words in the content before this keyword is used.

Use this data to optimize your pages:

  • Raise frequency above 2 for important keywords (3-10 depending on content length), longer text needs more frequency.
  • Adjust density to 1-3% This considers that more frequency is needed for longer pieces of text.
  • Reduce prominence by using keywords early and visibly on the page.
  • Comparing your page against a competitor can reveal gaps and opportunities.
  • Comparing your page with dozens of competitor pages for every page of your site and having someone fix the errors for you is what you get when you:

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Embedding the Tool

You can easily embed Free Keyword Research Tool on your own website for your visitors to use:

  1. Copy the widget code provided below
  2. Paste the code on your web page
  3. The tool will now appear on your site (you can customize the CSS styling if desired)

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