Are you frustrated that your website traffic from Google has been declining month after month even as you try and invest in digital marketing?

What if I told you that search engine optimization could transform all that, with the #1 organic spot receiving up to 19x more traffic and conversions than paid search or local listings?

I specialize in leveraging search visibility to tap into this highly qualified traffic and deliver the customers you need to hit your targets and stand out from competitors. I am backed by a SEO content engine that I built to make the right choices, and I approve everything before it gets published.

If you need more customers choosing your website content instead of competitors’, take 2 minutes to request a free organic visibility assessment using the form below.

When it comes to producing high-quality, optimized content at scale, we’ve got you covered. Our system combines artificial intelligence and human skills to streamline the entire content creation and publication process – from research and planning to writing, editing, and optimization.

There is literally no other system this comprehensive or detailed. We limit access to one business per niche so that we can truly focus on their success. Use the form below to let me know that you are curious about the service I am only offering on this webpage to a limited audience.

The Power of Search Marketing

Digital marketing, particularly SEO and search, provides unmatched scale and efficiencies compared to traditional options.


More Cost Effective

  • The #1 organic search result gets 19x more clicks than the top paid ad
  • Top 3 organic rankings drive more combined traffic than all paid spots
  • Our SEO content surfaces you organically without ongoing ad spends


Scalable Reach & Targeting

  • 75% of searches for local businesses happen on Google Search and Maps
  • We target dozens of precise keywords that align to your goals


Measurable & Improving

  • Weekly rank reporting on up to 50 tracked keywords
  • See traffic and conversions growth month-over-month as we climb rankings
  • Continually optimize efforts based on hard metrics and performance


Unlike broad TV and radio ads, our data-driven SEO leaves no question whether your dollars are working thanks to transparent, world-class analytics.

We identify and target the best search terms powering bottom-line growth. The results speak for themselves through more qualified website traffic, lower acquisition costs, and addictive-by-design tools to scale a thriving digital business.

Common Objections

We get that some reasonable questions pop up around pursuing advanced content systems. Below we address typical concerns on costs, reliability, commitments and ease-of-use:


Costs Too Much

Relative to $1000+ monthly advertising staples like billboards and PPC, our solution drives stronger ROI by leveraging top organic placements, which convert exponentially better. You also keep all published content if you ever decide to pause. The top Organic position will pull in 19x traffic than the top Paid result for the same keyword. Plus, you get exposure when people are actively looking for a provider of your product or service.


Sounds Like Another Unreliable Tool

With over 25 years honing SEO even pre-Google, our proven blend of human expertise and AI evaluates current top-performing content, then takes it further — fueled by comprehensive research vs superficial AI alone. The nature of being programmed means that the system never misses a step. It has to do “all of the best things” and it has to do them “every time”. The nature of being a human hybrid system is that you always get the better traits of human judgement.


No Long-Term Commitment

Cancel anytime without forced contracts. All previously published articles remain permanently. Manage this with complete flexibility on your terms. No hoops. No excuses.


Difficult To Get Started

Our onboarding questionnaire dials-in configurations, then WordPress integration enables hands-on or hands-off publishing – your preference. You could have final say on when each article is published after you review it, or let our system auto-publish. I provide monthly performance reports and advise on customizations as we grow. If you can’t answer any of the onboarding questions, I would be happy to help figure out an answer. I’m flexible like that.

Comparing the Competition

At present, while various standalone tools exist performing individual functions our platform handles every aspect automatically (with our own human oversight), there is no other all-in-one solution able to deliver such a tightly integrated content engine finely tuned for SEO success.


Pricing & Associated Costs

  • At just $1k per month, we deliver truly unrivaled capabilities and value for your wise investment
  • Cheaper tools inevitably produce only superficial fluff genuinely lacking substance
  • More expensive tools ultimately still fail to fully match our considerable research depth and comprehensive strategy


No Constraining Word Limits

  • Generate up to 20 expansive articles every single month without arbitrary length caps hampering your growth. We handle this for you.


Unparalleled Feature Set

  • Thoughtfully mapped topical clusters actively guide strategic content development
  • Our consistent AI author personalities deliberately cater to different target audiences
  • A genuinely one-of-a-kind research layer tirelessly draws insights from 100+ authoritative sources
  • Fully integrated internal linking cements contextual relevance and measurably boosts rankings


Simply put, our refined Human+AI system was purpose built to drive tangible results across the entire search marketing workflow – dynamically producing a winning strategy while efficiently producing high-converting content at previously impossible scales.

Our Streamlined but Comprehensive Process

  1. Topic & Keyword Research
    • 2-3 seed keywords are used as initial building blocks to map out 100+ topical clusters
    • A human editor then reviews the expansive topic map for final approval
    • Additional closely related keywords are also researched for each topical cluster
  2. Competitor Analysis
    • Our software deeply analyzes various ranking factors and metrics for competitors excelling with the target keywords
    • We then identify successful formulas employed by the highest performers, while of course discarding any actual copied content
  3. Internal Link Recommendations
    • Proprietary software matches the target keywords against the site’s extensive network existing content
    • It then intelligently determines the optimal mix of relevant internal links to organically incorporate within the new articles
  4. Outline Creation
    • Our AI system suggests a complete article outline based on all previously collected data and insights
    • A human editor subsequently reviews the outline in detail and suggests or approves the final direction
  5. Automated Research
    • AI writers first compose a list of crucial questions for our researchers
    • AI researchers then comprehensively feed those questions into leading search engines
    • Finally, the most salient facts are extracted from the top-ranked results and aggregated into a database
  6. AI Article Writing
    • An AI author identity is assigned the full writing project
    • The AI writer follows the approved guidelines and outline to efficiently write the initial draft
    • The draft is passed through several iterations as sections are completed until the article itself is fully finalized
  7. Quality Assurance
    • First, proprietary optimization software double checks the completed draft against all predefined requirements
    • Next, a highly experienced human editor reviews the full article in detail
  8. Snippet & Schema Generation
    • Post-editing, supplementary software enriches articles through the development of concise snippets and complete schema markup – all constructed to further amplify on-page SEO prior to publishing
  9. WordPress Automation
    • If needed, our AI automation enables a polished author account directly within the client’s WordPress site
    • With publishing settings configured, the refined article is then automatically published to the selected proper categories


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