Hi there! I’m Shawn – an independent SEO consultant with over 20 years of experience helping businesses improve high search rankings and attract the people literally searching for what you offer.

I know first-hand those frustrating struggles to drive organic traffic (normal google search results) and navigating paid search volatility. I’ve been in your shoes!

Competing at the top of Google seems impossible when other sites dominate those precious few slots.

But I have a proven methodology that has been refined over time that now leverages an optimized Human-AI Hybrid SEO approach to catapult sites in search engines – better than just human or just AI alone could accomplish.

The key is starting with full transparency and setting proper expectations upfront. I provide access to rank tracking reports from day one so you can monitor progress on your most important keywords. No black-box tricks. No long contracts. Cancel anytime and keep the material we published for you.

If you’re ready to leave those struggles behind and partner directly with an SEO specialist dedicated to unlocking opportunities, let’s connect for a free website evaluation and custom proposal. I would love to explore how we can hit your traffic goals together!

I know the frustrating struggle all too well – not reaching those coveted top spots on Google to unlock massive organic visibility. While the top 3 sites command some 70% of all clicks, getting beyond page one feels impossible when fighting entrenched domains.

And paid search has some serious limitations – continuously rising costs just to maintain results, not to mention diminishing returns. You reach a point of throwing money at temporary bandaids. There is a place for PPC, but it does not match organic search traffic from normal Google searches.

The organic opportunity is exponential yet locked away without ranking high for your most valuable, high-intent keywords. The #1 slot literally gets 19x more traffic than top paid results!

But I totally understand the industry’s trust issues. Typical agencies gate access to actual ranking data and analytics. How can you judge campaign success on hear-say?

I operate completely differently – full transparency from Day 1. I provide access to weekly rank reports tracking your website’s top 50 most important keywords. Monitoring that progress directly correlates with driving real traffic visible in Google Analytics.

Ultimately your monthly sales kick in as your site visibility snowballs. I WANT you to look at the rank improving and see where I adjust to improve rank in other areas. I am that confident your results will be the earliest indicator that things are working.

If that open, yet results-driven approach resonates, let’s connect to explore unlocking your organic ranking potential with a free evaluation + custom plan.

I utilize an optimized Human-AI Hybrid approach that delivers exponentially better performance than just human or AI alone. It brings out the best in both.

My methodology combines continual human guidance and approval with lightning-fast AI processes to accelerate ranking gains.

The research stage scans thousands of data points to deeply understand ranking behaviors and signals for your niche. No stone is left unturned in identifying optimization opportunities. The research team also scours 100’s of sources for information to help write informative and engaging articles, not the typical AI fluff found elsewhere.

My goal is to turn these readers into your customers. They clearly want what you are offering.

Then AI writing and editing tools generate content with those insights baked in – all while conforming to your brand voice. This raw output gets refined by my human oversight, selecting the best variations and making any edits before approving the final version.

The publishing and optimization stages blend automation for rapid publishing and social media link building with timely human tweaks to the whole system as new signals emerge.

The end result is a compounding content engine, pumping out perfectly optimized articles scaled beyond human capacity that provides a genuine value to readers. And it is fine-tuned based on the ever-changing Google algorithm to match what Google thinks is a quality piece of content.

But it’s not just content! My exclusive tooling helps with links, keywords, competitors, analysis. I set you up with comprehensive SEO attention, none of this one-trick pony stuff. My goal is your success, and finding what else can get you there and making it happen. I provide a complete and ongoing solution

I also provide full access to ranking reports and site analytics so you can clearly track the impact on rankings and traffic. No more guessing if campaign tweaks are moving the needle!

If you’re ready to put this optimized hybrid approach to work for your business, click below for a free report and custom proposal. Let’s unlock organic ranking together!

What truly sets this approach apart is the relentless focus on understanding your unique business context and goals first – not the technology. The AI acts in service of personalization.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits all agency approach, I adapt every aspect of the methodology around your specific niche, voice and obstacles. Your competition and growth barriers are unique.

This allows us to design tailored campaigns rivaling large teams’ output. And make thoughtful adjustments as new challenges or opportunities emerge.

With dedicated small business partnerships spanning years, I’ve helped countless websites customize their visibility, outmaneuver entrenched competitors, and hit ambitious revenue goals thanks to tapping into Google search traffic.

If bringing that same hands-on, goals-centric partnership to the table sounds appealing, click below for your free evaluation and proposal. Let’s start mapping out your organic domination plan together!

Let’s talk numbers. Transparency and expectations matter. The #1 organic slot drives a staggering 40% of all search clicks. Almost 20x more clicks than top paid spots, which suffer from diminishing returns!

We track 50 keywords weekly, monitoring your website’s ascent up rankings to tap into that rich organic demand. Website traffic and sales data confirm the impact over time.

You should notice some slight ranking increases at around 2 months as we claim less competitive long-tail keywords first. This probably will not result in a boost in traffic just yet. Months 6-9 see more aggressive jumps for higher value searches. You should notice a technical increase in traffic around this time. It’s a drizzle, not a monsoon yet. By year 1, you’ll probably rank #1 for multiple high-traffic keywords and we can start to branch out into more topics. This is where your new traffic starts flooding in and the snowball effect takes over.

Ongoing optimization causes a snowball effect, continually expanding organic visibility and revenue. As the easy to rank for, but seldom searched terms (from people who want EXACTLY what you have to offer) start rolling in, this traffic snowball continues to grow. Your content is written to engage visitors, so their interaction signals quality to Google. Google wants you to rank for more terms because your site is good at satisfying the people using Google. This is why quality content aimed at human visitors is so important.

Our content is a cornerstone of this service, but SEO is so much more than just posting great content on your website. This system is built to help me provide complete SEO services including links and anything else that gives your site the advantage over your playing field.

So while this specific service offering is new, I have over 20 years evolving with SEO, refining this methodology with proven results long before modern AI existed. The end result is that AI can cover hours and days of research in minutes which is way better than I used to do on my own. I have the decades of experience baked into it, making my AI better than others. The Hybrid Team is an amazing combo.

If you’re looking for amazing traffic growth, organic search domination is the most accessible path forward. Let’s evaluate fit with a free strategy session and comprehensive roadmap proposal. Achieving a thriving #1 presence is closer than you think! How would all of the traffic you are missing out on right now help your website grow your business? Take that first step and click the button below right now.


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