How to Attract a Flood of Highly Targeted New Customers on Autopilot

Frustrated with not knowing how to get customers to line up each day, asking for whatever it is that you offer? Exhausted trying to figure out how to attract more ideal, high-paying clients that value your services?
You’re not the only one wondering “How can I get more customers?!?!” without breaking the bank…
What if I told you there was another way to exponentially grow your business and drive new customers, clients, and leads?
I’m Shawn, an independent SEO advisor with over 20 years of hands-on experience helping businesses like yours break free from the shackles of paid search to unleash targeted organic growth and floods of pre-sold prospects.
The brutal truth is that while platforms like Pay Per Click promise shortcuts to visibility, over time the rising costs and eroding conversions reveal an inconvenient reality – you keep spending more while gaining less traffic and sales.
PPC ads have their place, however they are not a long term, sustainable solution in most cases.
But the untapped riches of Google search engine remain ripe for the taking. An automated solution capable of unlocking exponential growth by claiming the #1 spots for your most profitable keywords in just 12 months.
Delivering more qualified customers to your doorstep than you ever thought possible.
The organic opportunity that can transform your business is closer than you think.
Are you ready to stop wasting budgets hoping for growth and finally make it a hands-off reality?
I offer a comprehensive done-for-you SEO service that takes care of every aspect needed to ascend your most profitable keywords into the critical top 3 organic spots.
This includes bespoke content production, ongoing optimization, and real human oversight ensuring your website becomes an automated magnet for your ideal customers.
I am your dedicated SEO advisor utilizing decades of unmatched experience combined with AI systems to exponentially grow your organic traffic, leads, and sales on autopilot.
My hybrid approach delivers custom-tailored strategies fueled by human insights no other software can replicate to capture targeted searchers and fuel sustainable business growth.
If you’re exhausted by the endless struggle for visibility and diminishing returns of paid ads, I have a proven solution to unlock hands-free qualified traffic and pre-sold prospects visiting your digital doorstep 24/7.
Just claim your spot at the top and start reaping up to 40% of search traffic thanks to Google’s organic search results.
Tap into this and experience what real, hands-off traffic looks like…

The Expensive Truth About Paid Search and Diminishing Returns

By now, you may have tried paid solutions like Google Ads hoping for shortcuts to increased customers for your business, store, or website.
And at first, results can look promising drive some extra website traffic. But over time, steadily rising costs accompanied by declining conversions reveal an inconvenient truth…
  • Competing for clicks demands continuously bigger budgets just to maintain results
  • Landing page relevance and experience rarely keep up with broad targeting
  • Users from generic paid ads convert at dismally low rates under 2%
In other words – you keep spending more while getting less and less. Throwing good money after bad.
The #1 organic placement receives fully 19X more traffic than the top paid ad for any given search. And earns that lead-gen spotlight by solving searcher intent better than the other pages in Google and turning that traffic into new clients.
The search listings don’t ruthlessly vanish when budget runs out and you never get nickeled-and-dimed per click or per impression.
With proven SEO strategies, you trigger an unstoppable avalanche of visibility across countless lucrative keywords you never even targeted…and enjoy absolute free reign of impressions and clicks without paying an added dime.
But with established giants commandeering those coveted rankings, the riches of organic remain cruelly out of reach, strangling your company’s growth potential.
And without a proven methodology for ascending into those organic gold spots, relying on paid search band-aids will only accelerate a downward spiral of diminishing returns over time eroding your profits and restricting your new customers.

The Organic Opportunity – Leveling the Playing Field

The most effective long-term solution taps into people already looking for solutions in the critical moment of need – Google search.
The easiest way to get new new customers is to meet them when they are looking for your website, firm, shop, or practice.
Ranking #1 organically aligns perfectly when searchers proactively seek out offerings precisely like yours. And earns that visibility not through ads, but by solving what your new customers are asking for.
By optimizing content for searcher priorities and needs, you attract consumers 10X more qualified than even paid channels offer. In effect, surfacing your business exactly when motivation is at peak to convert into new customers.
Sustainable SEO success is a marathon though – not a sprint. The websites currently dominating the first page have spent years building authority and trust. But with a methodical, goals-focused approach over 12 months, dethroning even giants is within reach.
The key is starting with your most profitable keywords and topics. Explicitly target and create content centered around highest commercial intent searches.
Organize your website information architecture to facilitate relevance. And develop links/citations reinforcing your niche subject matter mastery.
While undoubtedly more work upfront than buying ads, SEO done right transforms into an automated attraction machine delivering ideal prospects to your digital doorstep 24/7. And it opens up near unlimited scaling potential for customers over time.


The Unrivaled Power of Search Marketing

For sustainable growth, smart businesses turn to the unparalleled efficiencies of digital – where search reigns supreme.
SEO unlocks unmatched exposure and mega-growth impossible for traditional marketing, delivering a torrent of qualified customers for less spend.

More Cost Effective

  • #1 organic search result amasses an astonishing 19x more clicks than the top paid ad. Enjoy set-it-and-forget-it passive income from search.
  • Top 3 organic rankings drive more traffic than all paid spots
  • Our SEO content surfaces you organically without ongoing ad spends
  • SEO results are available 24/7 without ‘per click’ or ‘per display’ fees

Scalable Reach & Targeting

  • 75% of searches for local businesses happen on Google Search and Maps
  • We target dozens of precise keywords that align to your topical goals
  • We can scale to multiple topics (keyword clusters) at a time

Measurable & Improving

  • Weekly rank reporting on up to 50 tracked keywords
  • See traffic and conversions growth month-over-month as we climb rankings
  • Continually optimize efforts based on hard metrics and performance
If our SEO growth engine seems like the ideal solution you’ve been searching for to get more new customers, take the next step by filling out the form below for a free custom blueprint session.
Lock in Shawn’s availability to map out your path to search dominance.

How We Unlock Breakthrough Organic Growth:

Custom-Tailored Human + AI Hybrid Approach

Unlike generic SEO software or rigid solutions, our hybrid methodology artfully blends dedicated human guidance, judgement, and intuition with advanced AI systems.
We focus obsessively on goals first, tools second. This makes all the difference adapting around complex business contexts.
It starts with an in-depth onboarding call identifying your most profitable keywords, biggest growth obstacles, and 12 month targets.
I translate insights from 20+ years SEO experience into a fully customized blueprint plotting our ascension. This may require a follow up after some hard data gets researched based on our initial conversation.
From there, our streamlined process accelerates campaign velocity leveraging AI scale:
  • Proprietary software expands your core keywords into hundreds of closely related long-tail variations to widen search visibility
  • AI deeply analyzes how current ranking pages structurally optimize relevance so we can model winning formulas
  • Dedicated AI writers produce outlines and draft articles purpose-built around your goals and voice
  • As senior editor, I review all content for strategic alignment, and search intent calibration
  • Our publishing engine seamlessly handles technical optimization and site architecture enhancements
The magic lies in blending automated strength and repeatable processes of a codified solution with human oversight and judgement. AI scales up the heavy lifting freeing me to focus efforts exclusively on getting you more customers on a continuous basis.
This allows responding dynamically when new opportunities emerge.
If you’re ready to leave “just hoping” of ranking first behind and finally make floods of Google traffic a reality, let’s discuss how my Human-AI Hybrid approach can deliver a tailored 12-month SEO plan rivaling even the top agencies.

Unlock Our Powerful SEO Growth Engine for Just $1,000/mo

Our all-in-one SEO subscription combines unparalleled human experience with AI scale to deliver results faster than you ever imagined possible.
Here’s what’s included for one flat monthly rate:

Onboarding & Strategy

  • In-depth kickoff call focused on aligning goals for year 1 (cancel anytime)
  • Custom SEO Blueprint plotting a 12-month content roadmap towards search dominance
  • Keyword research around 100+ high profit potential targets that your customers are using
  • Curating a team of unique AI author identities catering to your distinct audience


Ongoing Optimization & Tracking

  • Weekly rank reports on up to 50 core keywords so you can directly track ascension
  • Hands-on performance analysis ensures continual strategy alignment to goals
  • Around-the-clock site enhancements: architecture mapping, speed, security
  • Responsive link building reinforcing your niche subject matter mastery


High Quality, Human-Standard Content

  • 20 new expertly researched, written and optimized articles per month
  • Fresh blogs, guides, and resources purpose-built to capture search traffic
  • Genuine quality indistinguishable from human creators
  • Full schema markup for enhanced indexing and snippet rich results


Complete Done-For-You Publishing

  • Seamlessly integrated WordPress account creation with hosting evaluations
  • Configuring domains, settings, categories and author pages
  • Flawless weekly publishing cadence or fully automated scheduled release
  • Social media announcements drive visitors straight to new content
  • No contracts. No commitments. Cancel anytime.
Ongoing performance analysis ensures continual alignment between targets and outcomes. If rankings and traffic aren’t ascending as expected, we re-strategize until they are. Our incentives are fully tied to your success.
Ready to unlock the true growth potential of search marketing? Let’s start mapping out your customer attraction engine! Fill out the form below and Shawn will reach out within 24 hours to activate your account’s organic potential.

20+ Years Perfecting The Art and Science of SEO

I began working in search engine optimization back in the 1990s before Google even existed, specialized in achieving top rankings on early search engines.
My passion for connecting businesses with ideal prospects drove me to building custom software solutions as search exploded in the early 2000s. I created and led optimization initiatives for enterprise ecommerce sites scaling annual revenues to over $50M.
Having mastered both technology application along with hands-on strategies over 20+ years, I’ve organically grown sites large and small – from young startups to $400M+ online enterprises.
I do not work for nor with Google, so I never make specific promises, but I have learned some tricks that really have an immense impact on the websites that employ certain strategies.
I do not use dark-hat or dangerous SEO methods. I understand that, much like this website is to me (I’ve owned it since 2004), your reputation is tied to the longevity of the career you’ve mastered.
Your website is an extension of your mastery and you likely protect it as such.
You do not want big risks taken and would prefer to err on the side of caution. I agree with this and do not employ shady tactics that Google tends to penalize websites for participating in.
With my experience, I am not easily moved by shiny objects or risky ventures and knee jerk reactions for short term gain when it comes to risking Google backlash for such tactics.
Now I exclusively offer 1-on-1 SEO partnerships with a limited number of companies focused on flexibility, transparency and results:
  • Weekly rank reporting on your website’s top keywords
  • I partner with a limit of 20 companies. Once the positions are filled, no more will be accepted.
  • Direct access to myself for performance reviews and strategy adjustments
  • Cancel anytime
If you’re ready to cut through the digital noise and truly dominate organic search in 2024 and beyond, I offer the experience, knowledge plus human touch to make it happen.

Addressing Common Concerns

We understand rational questions arise around pursuing advanced organic growth systems. Below we tackle typical obstacles around costs, depth, and commitments:


Sounds Too Costly

Relative to $1000+ monthly advertising staples like billboards and PPC, our solution drives stronger ROI by leveraging top organic placements, which convert exponentially better.
You also keep all published content if you ever decide to pause.
The top Organic position will pull in 19x traffic than the top Paid result for the same keyword.
Plus, you get timely exposure when people are actively looking for a provider of your product or service.

Difficult To Get Started

Our onboarding questionnaire dials-in configurations, then WordPress integration enables hands-on or hands-off publishing – your preference.
You could have final say on when each article is published after you review it, or let our system auto-publish.
I provide monthly performance reports and advise on customizations as we grow.
If you can’t answer any of the onboarding questions, I would be happy to help figure out an answer.
I’m flexible like that.

Seems Technically Complex

Our tailored approach handles all strategy, writing, optimization and publishing complexity.
Ongoing education and total transparency ensures full collaboration without needing to become technical experts.
Your point of contact is a human. They handle all of the technical details on your behalf.


Sounds Like Another Unreliable Tool

With over 25 years honing SEO skills even pre-Google, our proven blend of human expertise and AI speed evaluates current top-performing content, then takes it further — fueled by comprehensive research vs superficial AI alone.
The nature of being programmed means that the system never misses a step. It has to do “all of the best things” and it has to do them “every time” like it was designed to do.
The nature of being a human hybrid system is that you always get the better traits of human judgement and adaptability.


Unsure About Committing

See results within 60 days through provided rank reports. SEO takes some time to ripen, but with my reporting, you can watch it grow before it becomes apparent that traffic is flowing. 
At the 2 month mark, no ranking in the top 10 will be present, but you can see your pages rolling around inside Google as they figure out your website.
Month-to-month flexibility then continues in response to your evolving needs, not the other way around.
We only succeed by fueling your success. SEO does require time to become powerfully effective, but you will see signs of growth clearly documented in stats as things take form.


No Long-Term Commitment

Cancel anytime without forced contracts.
All previously published articles remain with you permanently.
Manage this with complete flexibility on your terms.
No hoops. No excuses.


No Constraining Word Limits

Generate up to 20 high quality articles every single month without arbitrary length caps hampering your growth or increasing your spend. We handle this for you. AI detectors always rate our articles as human written. Quality first.

Unparalleled Feature Set

  • Thoughtfully mapped topical clusters actively guide strategic content development
  • Our consistent AI author personalities deliberately cater to different target audiences
  • A genuinely one-of-a-kind research layer tirelessly draws insights from 100+ authoritative sources
  • Fully integrated internal linking cements contextual relevance and measurably boosts rankings
Bring over 20 years of specialized SEO success to fuel your growth goals – click the form below now to claim Shawn’s exclusive partnership while the last few slots remain open

Radical Candor On Timelines + Ongoing Open Communication

Experience shows organizations often overestimate speed while underestimating costs with SEO.
I take an honest approach, providing expected timeframes required to claim rankings, supported by weekly reports tracking actual progress.
This system allows for consistent budgeting along with adaptive processes. More aggressive approaches are available by doubling or tripling the normal subscription rate.
  • Initial ranking improvements on targeted keywords happen slowly – starting around month 2. You will see a flurry of activity off the first page of search results.
  • Traffic lifts begin around months 6-9 as you unseat competitors for more valuable terms and start to top out on very direct “long tail” keywords (very targeted and rarely used, but numerous)
  • Conversions follow – sales cycle lengths determine revenue trajectory
  • By year 1, Search engines are paying attention and quickly accept newer broader keyword targeting. By this time, you should be seeing a clear justification from the months leading up to this in the form of steady new clients.
Rather than overpromising, my priority is fully aligned incentives through month-to-month flexibility allowing fluid response if outcomes misalign with goals.
In short, I am very adaptable and watching your progress.
Review ranking reports together every month covering topics like:
  • Key metrics and KPIs
  • Rank increase
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Quantifying progress timeline
  • Strategy adjustments
  • Emerging terms & opportunities
  • Continually layer on custom optimizations like schema, site speed, links
  • Add to your owned digital real estate with new content every weekday
Let’s connect if you seek an experienced SEO advisor truly invested in jointly achieving your vision through radical candor, transparency, and complete alignment.


Are You Ready To Attract 10X More Of Your Ideal Customers?

If you’re still struggling month after month to get qualified customers or clients for your business, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.
SEO remains the most proven, scalable method for tapping directly into audiences proactively searching for precisely what you offer.
No more wasting budgets hoping people show interest. Meet them where the demand lives.
I provide the blueprint for not only unlocking visibility but converting it too – strategy rooted in specializing successful customer acquisition for over 20 years.
While outcomes require commitment like all worthwhile goals, you’re ultimately subscribing to partnering directly with a proven expert with skin in the game tailored explicitly around your growth.
Let’s connect in the next 24 hours if you’re truly ready to unlock the exponential potential sitting dormant within search.
Converting strangers into enthusiastic customers starts with an email or a quick 15 minute conversation, but your first step is using the form below.
The only question remains – just how many more customers could you attract this year with a complete customer acquisition engine fueling your success? Let’s find out – click below to schedule a quick call or email with Shawn.

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