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Human AI Hybrid SEO Team

Work with a Human, get the Power of AI, Win the Game of Search Traffic

Show us your site and the DIY SEO Toolbox will tell you what is preventing search rank.

Tell us your target keyword and the Toolbox will tell you how to unseat #1 for THAT specific keyword.

We will even track your keywords to document the success of your efforts with the DIY SEO Toolbox.

Comptrio’s elite SEO solutions, once reserved for private clients, are now available to savvy businesses ready to outrank the competition.

Free Website SEO Checker

Free Website Checkup in One Report
Free Once Per Month
  • Up to 100 Webpages
  • All Reports on One Page
  • No Additional URL Requests
  • 1 Report Per Month

DIY SEO Toolbox - Starter

Perfect for websites with a few hundred pages.
$ 10 Monthly
  • 5,000 Monthly URL Requests
  • 1 Keyword Target
    Monthly Competitor Analysis
  • 30 Keywords
    Weekly Rank Tracking
  • Unlimited Projects/Websites
    (Account Limits Apply)

DIY SEO Toolbox Optimizer

Larger Sites. More Pages. More links. More.
$ 50 Monthly
  • 50,000 Monthly URL Requests
  • 10 Keyword Targets
    Monthly Competitor Analysis
  • 300 Keywords
    Weekly Rank Tracking
  • Unlimited Projects/Websites
    (Account Limits Apply)

Perpetual Growth SEO Done For You

We handle everything transparently
$ 1000 Monthly
  • Comprehensive Done For You SEO
  • Non-Shady Link Building
  • Technical SEO Fixes
  • On Page SEO Fixes
  • Timely Helpful Content
  • A Human Provided Service
  • Complete Transparency

Comptrio is an SEO powerhouse with
over two decades of experience
dominating search rankings.

Our battle-hardened strategies have
withstood the test of time,
even as algorithms evolved.


Do It Yourself or get it Done For You

SEO Consultant Services Image 2

Comptrio offers the DIY SEO Toolbox suite of online tools to help guide you in your SEO efforts.

We also offer a comprehensive DFY solution for Perpetual Growth of your search engine traffic where we handle it all on your behalf.

Rather than trapping you into a contract, I prefer to earn your trust every day. You maintain ownership of all assets produced for your website.

SEO Guarantee?

I will not guarantee a specific position in search or specific search engine behavior, but I do guarantee your satisfaction with these efforts. I do not offer long term contracts, so cancel anytime. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, I will return your last payment within the first 90 days.

About me

I’ve been helping businesses improve their SEO for over 25 years

With over two decades refining my SEO skills, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses boost their rankings and traffic.

From startups to established companies, I’ve optimized thousands of pages and keywords resulting in dramatic growth.

Realizing the future of life online, I have become a Human-AI Hybrid SEO Team, using the best of human experience and judgement coupled with the speed of AI to present me with options.

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